January 1, 2019

     So, I tried to upload the video on to this website but apparently the file was too big. I was able to release it on my FACEBOOK PAGE. I had to wait until today to post the link on YouTube for my website. 

     I am very happy and excited with the outcome. The first time I watched on YouTube, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Everything went well and it was an absolutely amazing experience. If I had the chance, I would do it all over again, without hesitation.  

     As for book two of A Daughter's Curse, the manuscript is finished and rounds of editing are taking place. I look forward to releasing it later on this year.

     I am also working on another novel. It will be standalone and it is out of my usual genre. That's all I can say right now. :)


October 26, 2018

     The short clip summarizes behind the scenes of the filming of I Am Not Nothing video. I had a lot of fun doing this. The video will be dedicated to those who are going through or survived any form of abuse. 

Who would have thought that I would be helping direct a cast of 20 or that I would produce a whole video? The talent used for the video was all local- from the videographer to the cast. Even the places we filmed at were local. But what's most important is the positive message the video will give. I hope more lives are touched. That is the goal. 

Set your reminders on your phone or write it down in your planners or post it somewhere because release date is set for October 29, 2018!


September 30, 2018

     Just a quick update on what filming has been like. I was hyperventilated on the first filming day. I'm not even sure why. Thankfully I got myself a very talented videographer and he and his assistant took charge. I had to leave the classroom where filming was happening in order to calm myself down. Thirty minutes later I was fine. I guess it was the initial thought of, 'Oh my gosh! This is happing! Today! Right now!.' LOL

     All the scenes were filmed successfully. Friday we filmed at a local crowded bar and it went well. The next day, Saturday, we filmed part of the domestic violence scenes. Those were a bit intense. Then today, we filmed at a local diner. There are still a couple of scenes left but the most important one is the piano scene, which will be filmed outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been cooperating with us. I think it's going to rain all next week too. 


September 16, 2018

     Here is part of the cast for I Am Not Nothing video. They're a talented group of people. We had lunch and they got their scripts today. BETH CROWLEY was able to call in to say hi! The entire cast is excited to get started. 
     Also, I Am Not Nothing now has over 1 MILLION views on YouTube! I can't help but feel a bit more pressured. LOL. 


September 12, 2018

     Whew! There's so much to write about. Auditions were a bit slow. I blame it on the torrential rains. A few did show up and they were right for some of the main roles I was looking for. I was sick with worry. I didn't eat or sleep well because I thought I was failing. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get the right people to be involved in this project so I went scouting for talent. Before I knew it, the cast for I Am Not Nothing grew to about twenty!

     Another obstacle I faced was coming up with the script. I took input from BETH CROWLEY, the videographer and his assistant. I had no idea how to write a script so I invented my own. I basically used Excel and literally had rows and rows of seconds until I had the entire song. Then I printed the pages out. I stayed up late at night and listened to the song for like one hundred times to see where I could fit the scenes. 

     When I was done, I wanted to redo it again because I thought I had too much going on. After all, I was no expert in filming. Nevertheless, I met with videographer and his assistant. They told me it's possible to fit all three storylines, but some of the scenes may have to be cut based on the tempo of the song. I'm beyond thrilled! 

     The first filming day is expected to be on September 26, 2018 for bullying scenes. I was able to get special permission from a local school to film in an actual classroom. I'm very grateful that the school district is on board with this. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I find myself forgetting to eat as filming day draws nearer. There are times where I think, What have I gotten myself into? I hope that I'm able to do justice for I Am Not Nothing. 

     BUT, if I'm able to reach just one person with this project, then it's all worth it. 


September 3, 2018

     It's always nice when the local paper supports the idea of filming I Am Not Nothing. I still can't believe I'm doing this. I'm going to cast people for the chance to be in the video. Auditions will be held at THE BOOKWORM BOX.  I don't know the first thing to do as far as hosting auditions. LOL. I have never experienced it and I look forward to seeing what talent shows up for auditions. 

     As far as ideas for the video, I do have plenty. I guess it kind of depends if I find the right people with acting skills. I do know that the video will go over domestic violence, sexual assault, and bullying. The song is four minutes long so I'm still figuring out how to put it all together. I have the help of an amazing videographer, so hopefully we can figure something out. 

     I've also decided on the venues in which filming will take place. They include a school, a diner, and a bar. Of course this might change while I develop a script for the video with BETH CROWLEY'S input. 

     I also canceled two book signings in order to be there for all the filming dates, interviews, and anything else I have to do so production of video goes as smooth as possible. 

     The second book for A Daughter's Curse series has been put on hold. I hope to publish the second book at the beginning of 2019 with the third following in the winter of 2019, if all goes according to plan. 

     Stay tuned for all my adventures of filming. :)


July 24, 2018

     The one and only RACHEL HOLLIS. I listened to one of her inspirational speeches. Rachel blew me away! Even her expression in this picture was like, 'Sister hold on one second! It's going to be hard work but you can do it!' or it could've been like, 'You know what you want. Work for it' or something of that nature. I don't know. I was kind of hypnotized at the moment. 

     Up until listening to Rachel, I had this nagging idea in the back of my mind: To film a video for I Am Not Nothing. I wanted the video to be dedicated to those affected or have been affected by domestic violence. So, when I heard Rachel, I took action right then and there. Perhaps, most would have waited. I didn't. 

     I reached out to some people to see what I needed to make the video happen. When I left the venue, I had a game plan, I had people on board, and I even had the videographer! My legs were wobbly as I exited the room in which Rachel spoke. I thought to myself, 'I can't believe I'm doing this' and 'Is this really possible?' Then I also thought, 'This project is going to fail' and 'Everyone will see this project fall flat.' 

But who cares? At least I'm going to give it a try.



July 22, 2018

     Yes it is her. It is  E L JAMES, the author of the Fifty Shades of Grey! Never did I think I would be having a conversation with this woman. We spoke about what to expect when a book gets adapted into film! Just a few months back, I spoke with some of the most amazing authors about selling books internationally (see earlier posts) and now I'm talking to EL James about filming? WOW! What a small world!  Until next time! :)



June 8, 2018

     I got to meet CAROLINE KEPNES. She is the best selling author of You, Hidden Bodies, and Providence. Her books have been translated into several languages. One of her novels, You, will be adapted to film and will premiere later this year on Lifetime. 

     I am blown away yet again. Years before, I never thought I would be in the same room with someone like her. Now I think everything is possible. What's more is that she is a sweet  and wonderful lady. A go getter.  

     I have to admit, a crazy idea did enter my mind. Actually, I had the idea from sometime before, but hearing Caroline speak about her experiences on how You came to life made my idea go from impossible to a maybe... 

     I know a couple of individuals who still can't leave their difficult situation behind. So, I wondered if a visual would help. What if characters were added to I Am Not Nothing? What if that would help them realize that they can get out and change their circumstances around them? What if the video were to deliver a positive message? 


April 11, 2018

    I still can't fathom this song for my novel. Thanks BETH CROWLEY for a simple... yet such a powerful message. Five months ago it was released and now it reached over 500,000 THOUSAND views! I really enjoy getting emails from people who just want to be heard. The comments about how this song  has helped them and about the book are touching. The response has been a positive one.

     It's easy to see how many people can relate to the song and to whom or what they dedicate it to. A light is being shined upon something that is being shoved under the rug. I know there are victims of abuse out there and it's hard for them to see a way out. 

To those who find themselves in a hard situation: Just know that there are people willing to help and willing to listen. IF the individual you reach out to turns out to be a crappy one, don't stop there. It's unfortunate. I get it. But don't give up. Keep trying! For your sake and others around you. 

If you are ready to seek help you can reach out to the NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE at 1-800-799-7233(SAFE) or CLICK HERE

 It is never too late. 


December 20, 2017


          Today I found out that I went international. Other than United States, I also sold books in  Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, and Germany. I am beyond thrilled! 

So, I updated my status from 'author' to 'international selling author.' Though I may not be a bestseller yet, every little victory counts for me. It creates a pathway to my ultimate goal: To be able to touch many more lives in a positive way. One day, hopefully, I will find myself telling others that they can reach whatever dreams and goals they have set for themselves.

Emails have started coming in and some of them have moved me to tears. Gosh, I don't know how to describe what I feel when someone specifically emails me to let me know that I made a difference in their life. It's surreal to me. There have been emails asking if I'm working on the second book. I have started on it. I hope to have it published by the end of 2018 as long as everything else (work, kids, signings, etc.) goes according to schedule. 

I feel the pressure. Believe me, I feel the pressure. LOL. 

Until next time. :)

November 6, 2017

Today's post is short and sweet. 

     It has been two weeks since I Am Not Nothing released on YouTube. This amazing song by BETH CROWLEY now has over 75 THOUSAND views! I know a lot of people have been touched by it as it did me. #Fighttobeasurvivor #NOTAVICTIM


October 30, 2017

It has barely been a week and more than 37 THOUSAND views later... this song still impacts me as it did the first time I heard it. Every domestic violence survivor needs to hear this. Every survivor of any form of abuse should hear I Am Not Nothing. 

This song is for anyone who's ever been told they were nothing or has been physically abused. Already, there are dozens of comments mentioning how much they needed to hear this song or comments about how the song has 'brought the pages of the book to life.' WOW! I think it's safe to say the song delivers a positive message and a difference is being made. I am very, very happy with that. 

37 THOUSAND views... in one week. 

***Double click the lyric video to go to Beth's YouTube channel***


October 23, 2017


          Today is the day when the song for A Daughter's Curse comes out. It's called 'I AM NOT NOTHING' by BETH CROWLEY. I'm still in Vancouver, Canada on a book signing and conference. The funny thing is that I'll be thirty thousand feet up in air on a plane when the song releases. A link will be posted here as soon as I get home. I can't wait to see how many people this song will touch!

October 21, 2017


          This day marks a milestone for me: It is my first book signing outside of the United States. Canada is a very beautiful country and the people here are awesome! I noticed the word 'Aye' is used often to agree with someone when having a conversation. I've been in Canada since the 19th and I'm already finding myself saying 'Aye.' LoL.

          In this picture, you can see that I'm the only crazy one wearing flip flops here in Vancouver (it's 38℉ by the way.) I was in a local store and a lady shopping in the books section asked about my sweater. Of course I had to tell her ALL about THE BOOKWORM BOX. If you don't know about it, seriously, check it out. It is run by a best selling author, Colleen Hoover, and 100% of all profits are donated to charity!

                ***I will provide a link for more pictures of this signing, Aye.***

September 29, 2017 


         Just wanted to share a couple of pictures from my trip to Seattle, Washington. On the left, I'm with NYT & USA Today bestselling author S.L. Jennings. On the right, I'm between NYT & USA Today bestselling author Tarryn Fisher and NYT & International best selling author Colleen Hoover

          I have a funny story about an encounter with Colleen that happened on this trip. During lunch, she was moving from table to table, offering guacamole. I was on the other end of the room when I thought she asked, "Who's from Texas?"

          Tell me why I, like an idiot, chest puffed out with confidence, ran over to the table where Colleen was and said, "I'm from Texas!" LOL!!

          I remember her confused facial expression and I wondered if I'd said anything wrong. Come to find out she had asked, "Who wants guacamole?" LOL!

          Bless me. Why do these things happen to me? I'm the queen of misunderstandings, I swear! LOL.

July 10, 2017

     So there's a HUGE possibility that a song will be created based on my book. I have hopes that it will touch many lives in a positive way. The artist's name is BETH CROWLEY. Her voice is incredibly beautiful! I can't wait to see the final and what it will sound like! I'm a bit overwhelmed emotionally, but that's a good thing. I just never expected to have a song out for A Daughter's Curse. WOW! I'm seriously freaking out!


June 23, 2017


          Today is my first book signing ever! I'm beyond excited. I don't know what to expect. Emotions are in overdrive: I'm nervous, scared, and happy at the same time.

          Nashville, Tennessee is beautiful and the people are welcoming. I don't look it, but I was tired at the time of this picture. I left Texas at around seven in the evening and drove to Nashville. It was a nine hour drive and I arrived at the hotel at four in the morning. I slept for like three hours and my table was set up by eleven in the morning.

I will never drive that long again, especially at night. I tell you...Don't do it.

                 ***I will provide a link for more pictures of this signing***

April 6, 2017


          This was my first appearance in the newspaper. I marched into the office confident and cheerful for my interview. When I was asked about the reasons for publishing A Daughter's Curse: The Queen of Water's Forbidden Love, my confidence flew out the window and my eyes brimmed with tears. I spoke about my childhood life and how I related to Brisnay Caplin, the protagonist in A Daughter's Curse.

          The skin of my forehead became clammy because I was trying not to break down in front of the interviewer. My picture was taken at the end and my throat still had knot in it. I forced a smile on my face, determined not to show any signs of pain. Then I had an epiphany.

          I learned one thing from this experience: Sometimes we have to give in to the pain we're feeling in order to move on. We all go through some very tough times at one point in our lives and we all ask ourselves, why me?  Some of us are too busy trying not show any signs of pain. We don't even flinch.

          Giving in to pain is a sign of weakness, I always heard.

          Well, I broke the rule. Sue me. I gave in to pain. As soon as I shut the door of my vehicle after me, I pressed my forehead against the steering wheel and sobbed. I cried so hard that I started hyperventilating. After about five minutes, I wiped away the tears and was determined more than ever to inspire others who had gone through an abusive situation.


March 27, 2017


            Today A Daughter's Curse went live. I look forward to answering any questions.

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